#Photo3 – 3 Essential Filters

The first in a new series featuring a weekly trio of top photo tips

Photo filters used to be an essential item for photography. In the days when you shot with film, these where the only ways to manipulate your images. Digital has removed the need for many filters, or has it? There are still some filters that digital can’t replicate or don’t need to. Most of the process of creating an image is done in-camera, so if like me, you enjoy using your camera more than a computer, then here are my three favourite and essential filter purchases.


The polariser. The king of filters! Not only does it darken blue skies by increasing contrast, it also boosts any colour in the scene, making them rich, vibrant and ‘pop’ in the picture. The polariser also removes reflections, which again increases colour saturation and is useful when shooting views including water. This filter absorbs up to 2 stops of light, so whilst you will have to bear this in mind when calculating exposures, it also means that this filter can also be used as a 2 stop ND filter if you need assistance in bringing the shutter speed down.

Whitby, North Yorkshire Moors


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Guest Post on Steve Huff Photos website

Steve Huff is quite a figure in the internet world of photography and his site (which he himself describes as ‘a site for digital photo nuts made by a digital photo nut’), reviews and promotes the world of mirrorless cameras.

So, I’m pleased to have written a Guest Post on his site about my own path into mirrorless cameras and you can read it here.

Do check out his site in general too, especially if you are considering buying a mirrorless camera, as it’s a great resource for reviews and opinions from all types of photographers shooting with these cameras.


Guest post on Mirrorlessons

For those interested in mirrorless cameras and perhaps my route into the Olympus OMD system, you may be interested to read my Guest Post on the MirrorLessons website.

This is a superb website deciated to all things mirrorless and here I talk about my Olympus system, why I love the cameras so much and a bit about my photography and courses in general.

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Lee Seven5 USA

Continuing my association with Lee Filters, they have put together two new adverts promoting their Seven5 Filter System, using a selection of my images. This time they are more landscape type images, shot for the the American market and therefore to be used in US photo mags and general advertising on the other side of the pond.

Again, the images were each captured using the small, yet versatile Seven5 system, with a range of filters including grads, polarisers and ND’s. As I mention, instead of urban images as used in the first set of adverts for the UK, these new ads feature more typical landscape views, showing the Seven5 system works equally as well in a rural setting. See the ads below. Continue reading

New eGuide: Tilt & Shift Lenses

You’ve probably heard of them and might know basically how they work. However, tilt & shift lenses are such a versatile lens that they have many uses. Whether it’s for architecture or shooting landscapes, their advantage is indispensible and every photographer should consider having one in their gadget bag. If you think they are too expensive however, this new Tilt & Shift Lenses eGuide aims to show how much value for money they really are.

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New Technique Guides available

Two new Technique Guides have been added as part of the e6 Subscription.

Mirrorless Advantage

The new range of mirrorless cameras or CSC’s are making the news recently and these are promising to offer the potential buyer an alternative to the traditional SLR. This new guide looks at the advantages (and disadvantages) of these camera systems and may help you decide whether they are the right camera for you. Continue reading

Seven5 on Four Thirds for 2×3

At the end of 2013 I teamed up with Lee Filters to shoot a variety of urban images to promote their new Seven5 Micro Filter System. This shrunk down version of their 100mm Foundation Kit is ideal for the increasingly popular mirrorless cameras now available, offering Lee’s renowned quality filters, but in a more compact form.

I use the superb Olympus OMD–E-M5 with a range of prime lenses and all images for the commission were taken with this camera, though the filter system can even be used with many lenses on a conventional digital SLR as well. Continue reading

City Photo Walks

My new City Photo Walks are now available to book on the website. These photo walks take place in major UK cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. They are in association with Olympus, so as well as tuition from me, you also get the opportunity to get hands-on with the Olympus OM-D Micro four-thirds camera and a variety of lenses. Visit the City Photo Walks website for full details Continue reading