Steam Trains and Famous Writers

I was commissioned to write an article about Bronte Country in West Yorkshire, a location named after the famous Bronte sisters, who once lived here. Their famous works include the novels Wuthering Heights and Jayne Eyre, the town of Haworth, as well as the surrounding countryside will forever be linked to this family. Continue reading

Marvellous Malverns

My latest magazine commission took me to Worcestershire and the beautiful Malverns, a location that had been on my ‘must-see’ list for a long time.

The feature centered around the glorious views from the main peaks, Worcestershire and Herefordshire Beacons, which I visited each at sunrise and sunset, though with mixed results due to lots of cloud. Just being up on the hills at sunrise is a worthy experience, plus their ease of access means these summits are a short walk from the car parks. Continue reading

Another side of London

A recent magazine commission, had me re-visiting London, my favouite capital city, to discover some new attractions to recommend. I made about 10 visits to London last year searching for new images for my own personal portfoilio and so this feature had me once again looking for something new to visit, for readers of this publication who have seen the main attractions. Continue reading

Wonderful Windmills

My first commissioned article of the year, saw me visiting the working windmills of Lincolnshire. Many of these iconic structures have been restored and brought back to full working use, after years of neglect. Now often run by volunteers, they give visitors the opportunity to see the mills working again, get a glimpse inside and discover the history of milling in the area.

It’s great to see them working once again and there’s no better sight than seeing the sails on the mills turning as you approach from the distance. Continue reading

Going underground

I spent a few days in September visiting the caves and caverns of the Peak District for a magazine feature. These dark and dimly lit places are simply amazing, but a nightmare to photograph. I was given special permission to use a tripod in some, but in others I relied on the high ISO, wide aperture and image stabilising capabilities of my Olympus OMD and I must say, it performed brilliantly. It got me images that just weren’t possible with my Canon 5D and confirmed what an amazing little camera this is.

The editor was delighted with the images too, so I can’t wait to see them in print. Here are a few examples from my visit and if you get chance, I highly recommend you visit these caves. Continue reading