#Photo3 – Three Essential Accessories

A weekly trio of top photo tips

The accessory is the vital extra component that usually makes life easier no matter what hobby or craft it is associated with. In photography, there are a whole wealth of accessories available to purchase. Some bad, some good. Some you just can’t do without! So, let’s take a look at those must-haves and see if you ask yourself – why have I not got one of those!!

Spirit Level

Simple in design, their sole purpose is to keep things looking straight and level. In photography, this means the horizon and if this isn’t straight, the whole picture looks wrong. A simple hotshoe-mounted spirit level, avoids this faux pas and every landscaper should not leave home without one. Manufacturers have realised this too and now incorporate one into the camera. If yours isn’t one of these latest models however, go spend the best ten pound you will ever spend.


In photography, a compass will not only help you arrive at your chosen location, it will also help you make the most of it when you get there too. Knowing where the sun will rise and set, is key to achieving the best light on your chosen view. If you have a compass, you know exactly where the sun will be at any time of the day and can therefore plan to be on location at the exact hour for the best light. You may not even have to purchase one, as your smartphone may have one built in, so put it to good use.



Now, this is a slightly more expensive accessory, but for the landscaper and tripod user, I think it’s a must. This bracket wraps around your camera, converting it to the industry standard Arca-Swiss tripod fitting size. This gives you a lot more choice when looking for the ideal tripod head. Plus, it’s most useful benefit is when you want to shoot vertical images. Instead of turning your camera over to one side of the tripod head, thus placing it off-balance, with an L bracket you turn the camera in the clamp and keep the camera perfectly balanced over the centre of the tripod. Much more stable and perfect for shooting panoramics as well.


You can read more about essential accessories in my eGuides. These are available as part of an e6 subscription or to purchase separately. www.e6subscription.co.uk

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