#Photo3 – Three Really Useful Photo Apps

A weekly trio of top photo tips

Everyone carries a smartphone around with them these days. Whether its Android or iOS, Samsung or Apple, these computers in our pockets are a resource of information (and can make phone calls too!) and every photographer should have one. Besides being useful for a quick burst of Angry Birds or whatever your favourite waste of time is, the apps available can be very useful for the creative photographer. So, here are my three favourite photography apps for your smartphone.

LongTime Exposure Calculator  iOS Free (Android alternative: Exposure Calculator)

Extreme ND filters are very popular with photographers now and rightly so. These filters open a whole world of creativity and whilst results can be a clichéd, they are a lot of fun to create and the results are always breath-taking. Calculating the exposure times with a 10 or 15 stop ND filter attached can be tricky however and you can soon run out of fingers trying to figure out the new required shutter speed. This app therefore takes all the guesswork and maths out of the equation and gives you a clear and easy way to calculate how many minutes an ND filter requires at 4pm on a cloudy day. If you use LEE Filters, then they have a very similar version of their own, which is well worth a look too.


LongTime Exposure Calculator


Aye Tides  iOS £5.99 (Android alternative: Tide Prediction)

Whilst not specifically a photo app, every creative photographer heading to the coast needs to know the time of the tides (for safety at the very least). This fantastic and useful app has the tide times for over 12,500 stations around the world and you can check any day or date you want, past or future (the latter being the most useful of course!). I used to pay £20 for some yearly card timetables of the UK, so this app has paid for itself several times over now.


Aye Tides


Hipstamatic iOS £2.49 (Android alternative: none)

Sorry Android users, this is still iOS only and probably my favourite smartphone app. If you’ve never heard of this app, where have you been! It’s a camera app for the iPhone, but unlike other photo apps that allow you to manipulate and add filters to an existing image or one just taken, this has pre-sets. You choose the film type and lens that you want set before shooting. So therefore, the picture you take, is the picture you get (although saying that, the latest update does allow you to tweak this, but it’s not very good at this). For the creative photographer, it’s wonderful and the images you can capture are amazing. It’s so good, that I often leave my main digital cameras at home and just go out shooting with this app. I love it!


You can read more about photo apps in my eGuides. These are available as part of an e6 subscription or to purchase separately. www.e6subscription.co.uk

2 thoughts on “#Photo3 – Three Really Useful Photo Apps

  1. Losing Hipstamatic is the one and only reason I regret leaving the iPhone to go over to Sony Android. Though nowhere near as good as Hipstamatic for the way you can use it, Vignett is worth a look on Android.

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