#Photo3 – Live View Advantages

A weekly trio of top photo tips

Is Live View the best invention to make it into the digital camera…EVER?! Being able to check your image immediately after capture is wonderful, but having that rear LCD screen available for Live View, is so much more than not having to look through the viewfinder. So, if your camera has the Live View feature (and most do these days), do you actually use it? Are you aware of its potential? Here are three Live View advantages you need to know.

Precheck the exposure with live histogram

Quite a mouthful, but this is exactly what Live View gives you. You can see the result before taking the picture! With Live View set to Exposure Simulation, you get a real-time preview of how the image will be exposed once you press the shutter. What’s more, change the display settings and you can have a live histogram on as well. This is also a great way to learn how to use the histogram to your advantage and what it is telling you about the image.


Live View Exposure Simulation and histogram


Confirm focus

Using the viewfinder with manual focus can be a bit hit or miss, especially when shooting with a long telephoto. What may appear sharp to the eye, can in fact be slightly off if you zoom-in to magnify the result. Imagine if you could zoom-in to magnify the image beforehand and fine-tune the focus this accurately. You can, with Live View!

Redcar Steel Works, Redcar & Cleveland

Check that distant focus before pressing the shutter


B&W previewing

Whilst colour photography is the perfect choice for most subjects, sometimes a black and white version is a better option. Visualising the world in black and white is not an easy thing to do, so deciding if the result will actually work in black and white can be the trickiest part of the process. What you really need is a screen that shows the world in black and white, so you can see how the view will look. You can see where I’m going here can’t you?! Yes, set the camera’s Picture Style to black and white mode and now your camera’s LCD screen will give you a B&W preview. Brilliant! If you shoot Jpegs, then remember that this is your final image, no going back to a colour version, but for those shooting Raw, a great way to test out an alternative version.

Mam Tor, Peak District, Derbyshire

Live View is great for visualising the black and white alternative


You can read more about Live View in my eGuides. These are available as part of an e6 subscription or to purchase separately. www.e6subscription.co.uk

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