New YouTube Vlog- The Roaches

Landscape photography shoot at the Roaches, Peak District

Craig spends an afternoon photographing the Roaches in the Peak District. He discusses composition, light, using polarising filters and why a tripod is essential for landscape photography.

View the video on my YouTube channel here

5 thoughts on “New YouTube Vlog- The Roaches

  1. Just discovered you today Craig and I thoroughly enjoy your “ramblings”. I think I can learn a lot from you. I have a question. In the first part of the video when you were photographing the building, you mentioned that you were shooting a 24mm lens. Was that an actual 24mm lens or a 24mm equivalent? It seemed wide to be a 24mm 43 lens. Maybe 12mm/f2? Thanks

    • Hi Jim. Yes you’re right. It was a 12mm m43 lens which is equivalent to a full-frame 24mm lens. I usually quote the full frame lens focal length, as i think most people can relate to that more.

      • Thanks Craig. I figured as much, but there was that little niggle of doubt that maybe you had adapted a Canikon 24mm. Good to see you on DPReview. That forum could use more like you. As you have already seen, you’ll have to grow a thick skin. You could proclaim the world round, and you’d still get verbally mauled by the “critics” and nay sayers. So, try to hang on to your professionalism and calm demeanor. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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