Marvellous Malverns

My latest magazine commission took me to Worcestershire and the beautiful Malverns, a location that had been on my ‘must-see’ list for a long time.

The feature centered around the glorious views from the main peaks, Worcestershire and Herefordshire Beacons, which I visited each at sunrise and sunset, though with mixed results due to lots of cloud. Just being up on the hills at sunrise is a worthy experience, plus their ease of access means these summits are a short walk from the car parks.

My visit also took me to a cider makers (with tasting session of course!), the Elgar Birthplace and the famous Morgan Motor Company for a tour of the factory. A damp day didn’t spoil my visit to Malvern town itself, whilst Ledbury has one of the most charming cobbled streets around.

I could have spent all day on the hills alone and it left me wanting to return very soon. I reckon I’ll be back to shoot for myself in the not to distant future.

View from British Camp

On the way up to Worcestershire Beacon

The Morgan Motor Company

Westons Cider

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