Lee Seven5 USA

Continuing my association with Lee Filters, they have put together two new adverts promoting their Seven5 Filter System, using a selection of my images. This time they are more landscape type images, shot for the the American market and therefore to be used in US photo mags and general advertising on the other side of the pond.

Again, the images were each captured using the small, yet versatile Seven5 system, with a range of filters including grads, polarisers and ND’s. As I mention, instead of urban images as used in the first set of adverts for the UK, these new ads feature more typical landscape views, showing the Seven5 system works equally as well in a rural setting. See the ads below. Continue reading

Another side of London

A recent magazine commission, had me re-visiting London, my favouite capital city, to discover some new attractions to recommend. I made about 10 visits to London last year searching for new images for my own personal portfoilio and so this feature had me once again looking for something new to visit, for readers of this publication who have seen the main attractions. Continue reading