I think it’s important in the development of your photography to give yourself a project to undertake, allowing you to concentrate on one subject, location or theme. This allows you to focus your thoughts more finely and get creative with the subject in hand, rather than trying to juggle multiple ideas and techniques, which can lead to mixed results or simply not getting the best out of a location or subject.

My latest idea has been on the cards for a while, but it was only after visiting one location by chance that I came across the subject that would set me off on this idea. The subject is simple and the set title ‘Flyover’, describes it in one go (I’ve never been one for coming up with fancy artsy fartsy names for my projects!)

So, here are the first few examples. Taken from a set of thirteen from the first location alone, it shows promise of the potential. I’ve standardised the processing for all images, which I had in mind before I started. It puts my own take on the subject, though I’m not sure I’m fighting for competition with others on this one!

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