Seven5 on Four Thirds for 2×3

At the end of 2013 I teamed up with Lee Filters to shoot a variety of urban images to promote their new Seven5 Micro Filter System. This shrunk down version of their 100mm Foundation Kit is ideal for the increasingly popular mirrorless cameras now available, offering Lee’s renowned quality filters, but in a more compact form.

I use the superb Olympus OMD–E-M5 with a range of prime lenses and all images for the commission were taken with this camera, though the filter system can even be used with many lenses on a conventional digital SLR as well.

I visited several of our major cities to complete the commission, shooting a variety of urban images, all of which were captured using one of the range of filters Lee offers in this new size. The two adverts, each featuring three of my images, are just starting to appear in the press and it’s great to see my images help promote this essential accessory.

If you want to try the Seven5 system yourself, I have a a selection of kits and filters available to demonstrate on my City Photo Walks photography workshops, that take place in London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester. Here is one of the adverts as it will appear in print and some other images I took for the commission, which will appear on dealers websites, again to help promote the system:

Advert Blue

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