Does it really matter?

With the photography world given a fresh new approach with the release of some stunning new mirrorless style cameras, the old fight between Canon and Nikon, with Pentax on the tag team, has been replaced it seems, with Fuji vs Olympus (and Pentax replaced by Sony in their micro fight).

Which is best? Which gives the best quality? Who’s got the best lenses and does sensor size in this market count for everything? The websites, forums and devotees of each system fight it out, defending their models, criticizing lack of features or specs on their rivals and in general everyone gets in a tizz (is that a word?!), being proud of ‘their own’.

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Seven5 on Four Thirds for 2×3

At the end of 2013 I teamed up with Lee Filters to shoot a variety of urban images to promote their new Seven5 Micro Filter System. This shrunk down version of their 100mm Foundation Kit is ideal for the increasingly popular mirrorless cameras now available, offering Lee’s renowned quality filters, but in a more compact form.

I use the superb Olympus OMD–E-M5 with a range of prime lenses and all images for the commission were taken with this camera, though the filter system can even be used with many lenses on a conventional digital SLR as well. Continue reading