Went up to the Newcastle SkyRide at the weekend. Ideal for me as they combine my casual interest in cycling with routes around many of the UK cities that I love photographing. I even manged to bag a few new views of the city on my way round, shooting with the iPhone, as well as the Olympus OMD and 14-42mm zoom. Continue reading


My own creative work seems to be taking priority at the moment and its been a while since I was out in the landscape shooting with my Canon digital SLR. My camera of choice of late has been the fantastic Olympus OMD. This miniature marvel is a joy to use (and easily breaks too if you drop in on concrete, which I did within three months of purchase!) and the lenses available for it are both superb and pin sharp. My kit bag for it is tiny and featherweight compared to my Lowepro for the Canon gear, though with the amount of lenses I keep buying for the Olympus, I may need a standard large rucksack to keep them all in! Continue reading

City Photo Walks

My new City Photo Walks are now available to book on the website. These photo walks take place in major UK cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. They are in association with Olympus, so as well as tuition from me, you also get the opportunity to get hands-on with the Olympus OM-D Micro four-thirds camera and a variety of lenses. Visit the City Photo Walks website for full details Continue reading

Creative Photography Course

My new online photography course is now available for enrolment. The Creative Photography Course is designed to help you produce original and imaginative pictures that stand out from the crowd and showcase your creative flair within your own image portfolio. Its a 12 month course, just like the Project Tuition Course and covers ten subjects that can be captured creatively and with a photographic flair all of your own. There’s exclusive discount for students to purchase CameraBag2 software from the nice people at Nevercenter and this is featured in the course and one I personally use for processing my images. See the online photography course website for more details.

Creative Photography Course